Software development and consultancy in Romania

Why struggle with building an in house software development department or with hiring individual freelancers, when you can outsource software components or branding needs to a company that actually cares about building high quality solutions?

The eagerness to stay in the new with regards to latest software trends and tech stacks that are used for implementational purposes.
The challenge of planning, designing and implementing a quality product or software component in an iterative fashion.
The audacity to dazzle with eye candy branding options such as logos, brand names, landing pages and much more

Our culture revolves around three definitory pillars, that help shape quality software solutions. 

Software services

Software design

We design your software solution!

A lot of non-technical people have ideas that would probably change the world, but they end up not pursuing their implementation because of the technological gap that is implied by the ideas themselves.

We empower them to take a step forward in the direction of their dreams by offering services such as :

  • Software architecture design 
  • User interaction planning (UX)
  • Software requirement specification (SRS) generation
  • Feasibility study (iteration, staffing and cost planning)
  • Branding and custom creative design
  • Process tailoring

Software development

Embed us in your team, or outsource units of work!

It’s often hard to find the right talent for your technical solution, and even harder to find people that will ‘play well’ with your already existent on-site team. If your business owner, most likely you already are familiar with the headaches provided by the search for the right people.

Nowerdays, outsourcing software shouldn’t be scary anymore, and we intend to prove it. We believe that we can offer our customers a collaborative experience tailored for their specific BAU (Business As Usual) scenario. You spare a lot of time in this process, you save money, and find the experience and expertise you’re looking for much easier.

Tech Stacks

Technical services

We function as your dedicated custom software development company because we can:

  • Build software according to a provided specification and using a clear and efficient software development process
  • Refactor existing code components or migrate them to new technology versions
  • Analyze your requirements, and plan a development strategy
  • Plan your system’s architecture/infrastructural needs
  • Create UX specs (for Mobile and SPA)
  • Create Unit tests/Integration tests/Continuous Integration
  • Scale your teams up with embedded developers selected from an inexpensive talent pool

  • iOS Development
  • Android Development

  • Angular/Angular 2
  • javascript/jQuery
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Webflow + JSF
  • .NET MVC
API solutions / Web services

  • Java Spring development
  • ASP .NET Web API

  • User Interaction planning
  • Interface design (mobile/web)
  • Branding (logos, custom content)

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