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Software engineering

At RED Abacus we strive to tailor strategic development processes that allow for the building of impactful software solutions.
Our culture revolves around researching the latest technologies and methodologies, engineering successful development processes and audaciously dazzling with eye candy.

What we do

Product design

UI design and UX planning are important steps in creating an optimal user experience. Having a mock-up of what is going to be built will benefit both the business in clarifying wanted features and the development team in understanding them.

Process design

Whether we're talking about Agile, Waterfall or ROWE, software is developed according to a development process. By tailoring a workflow applicable to both business and development teams, the overall development of the product will be faster and more cost effective.

Architecture design

Since products evolve usually based on market requirements, just like the foundation component when building a house, the architecture of a software solution must be designed so that it can withstand the fast addition of features in the future. Also, documenting out the functional/non-functional requirements of the application is a good way of keeping track of the actual market needs.

Software development

As part of the software development process the team produces the required components in order to make the solution functional. Actions such as feature development, unit testing, integration testing, automated tests, bug-fixing or maintenance are crucial for the development of impactful solutions.

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